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About TOMS Technologies

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Always at Your Service
TOMS Technologies has been p
roviding the best services internationally since 2010. Fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us.

TOMS technologies formally known as SmotMuzic has been successfully running for 10 years. We offer services to various clients such as churches, corporate events, festivals, live recordings, tours, weddings, receptions, car shows, live musical events, and private events. We now offer products from our own line of speakers, microphones, and LED walls. With our Toms Tech brand, TOMS technologies designs and builds audio systems and stage plots that are customized to any venue. Production services include sound, stage and lighting installation, theatre production, professional audio engineering, videography, photography, graphics, and backline rental.

What to Expect
TOMS technologies take your visions and ideas to the next level. We are a product company that designs various speakers to fit any venue or event. Our company also customizes state-of-the-art systems that are conditioned for any space. We have a team that provides software designing, graphic design, and various training in other departments. TOMS technologies stands behind our services. 

What Our Customers Say

Amazing Service

“TOMS Technologies provided amazing service for our event. Their team was professional and delivered high-quality results. I highly recommend them for any audio visual needs.”

Emily Brown

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